Africa’s technology company, Techno Brain Group has signed a major distribution contract with ZAP, for sales and channel partnerships of its data management and analytics software across Africa and Middle East.

For business leaders who need information fast without IT headaches, Techno Brain will deliver ZAP Data Hub, the best in class pre-packaged data management and analytics software. Azure-based and Azure-accredited, it is optimized for Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX, NAV, and CRM, plus Sage and Salesforce, and is compatible with numerous other ERP, CRM, financial systems and databases.

ZAP Data Hub increases ROI and insight from business intelligence software, especially Power BI. Business leaders can analyze data from multiple systems and data sources on one screen in Power BI, thanks to the software’s built-in analytics and pre-built dashboards.

“ZAP Data Hub automates data management process, ETL and data warehouse builds,” explains ZAP’s CEO, Garth Laird, “making it an ‘out-of-the-box’ experience with no need for coding or technical training. And with data governance built in. It signals an end to lengthy, expensive, manual and script-based data warehousing projects, and the arrival of instant reporting and 360°-view business intelligence.”

Manoj Shanker, CEO, Techno Brain comments: One of the hottest trends in BI lately has been self-service data analysis. With ZAP Datahub we would want Businesses in Middle East and Africa to leverage this and connect popular ERPs, Accounting Software and Business Solutions with a choice of Self Service BI Platforms like Power BI, Qlik, and Tableau.