THEME: US – Africa Relations: Partnerships, Recovery and Sustainability

As the African continent find strategies to confront the twin health and economic crises created by the COVID-19 pandemic, to build back stronger than ever, African leaders would require the partnership of the Biden administration. The continent’s leaders must position Africa as a land of many opportunities; and we expect the Biden administration to lay the groundwork for a renewed U.S. policy agenda to promote resilience and prosperity in Africa, given President Biden’s proclivity for multilateralism and his anticipated prioritization of the African Continental Free Trade Area. The forum would also address the question of whether a renewed and reimagined transatlantic partnership towards Africa can be a key element for the continent to achieve economic recovery.

 African Leadership Magazine is, therefore, putting together the 6th US – Africa Business & Policy Forum 2021 to bring together policymakers, private sector leaders, Industry Titans, civil society leaders, and all stakeholders in US-Africa matters during this 2-day forum to provide insights on how Biden’s African policy in the coming years, as well as facilitate a U.S. private sector-led growth in Africa.

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