The Vice President of Kenya, H.E William Samoei Ruto to jet in for 3-day state visit

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The Vice President of Kenya, H.E William Samoei Ruto, is expected to jet in Uganda on Saturday for a three day state visit.

According to the schedule of which Daily Monitor has seen, VP Ruto who is expected to be in Uganda by 5pm will among other activities attend a distinguished conversation on the Future of East Africa, organised by the Africa Strategic Leadership Centre.

The function is expected to take place at the Kampala Serena Hotel tomorrow (Sunday) August 19, 2018. The topic of the day is “Talking Regional and Continental Integration, Sustainable Trade and Economic Growth.”

According to the statement by the organisers dated August 16, the audience will comprise of distinguished business and industry leaders, representatives of trade and manufacturing bodies, high-level policy makers, leaders of government institutions, influential academic scholars, development partners, and emerging young leaders among others.

“The Distinguished Conversation with Kenya’s Deputy President, William S. Ruto on East Africa’s Regional Integration and Trade is informed by recent developments and strides made by the East African Community (EAC),” the statement reads in part.

With six countries and a regional market of over 150 million people, a combined GDP of over USD 150 billion, a relatively successful Customs Union, a Common Market Protocol and a Common Currency in the making, the EAC is undoubtedly one of the most robust and promising regional economic groupings in the global south.

Speaking about the distinguished breakfast event, Dr. Robert Mwesigwa, Chairman to the Board, Africa Strategic Leadership Centre said the conversation, overall, seeks to assess the current status of the EAC’s progress, its bottlenecks to sustained intra-EAC trade and how public-private sector collaboration can spearhead and help strengthen a robust regional economic community.

“The future of Africa will largely depend on our commitment to constant dialogue, and engagement between the public and private sectors in shaping a shared agenda for developing our communities,” Dr Mwesigwa said in a statement.

About Africa Strategic Leadership Centre

The Africa Strategic Leadership Centre is an independent think tank for public-private collaboration. At the core of The Centre is a strong need for understanding the existing binding constraints to Africa’s progress and identifying leadership and institutional ingredients necessary to address Africa’s growth bottlenecks; harnessing growth opportunities and investing in human capital.

The Centre delivers on its commitment through commissioning of rigorous research on most pressing growth constraints, convening leadership dialogues, and leveraging its deep insights to inform and influence public policy and interventions.

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