Top 10 Business Women in South Africa

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South Africa is one country in the African continent that has the highest number of female entrepreneurs.Over half of South African women are identified as entrepreneurs. In this country, we found that there are many inspiring business women who have innovated various industries.

Most times, we hear about South African Male entrepreneurs and the female are not always given attention, that is why this article will be highlighting some top business women in South Africa.Wendy AppelbaumIn 2006, Wendy Appelbaum was recognised as one of the top female entrepreneurs in the world.She is not only one of the most successful businesswoman in South Africa but also in Africa.

Wendy became a Director of Liberty Investors relatively early on in her career and now acts as the chairperson of De Morgenzon Wine Estate and has chains of Agricultural businesses among other titles.

Her net worth is estimated to be around R2.6 billion.Wendy is largely recognized for her selflessness, leadership skills in business and economic development, interest in general health and welfare, and her role in advancing women’s empowerment.

Arlene MulderIn 2019, this South African woman got a Woman Africa Technology and Innovation Award and was featured on the cover of some magazines for Women in Africa as one of the 20 New Wealth Creators on the African continent, 2019.Her mission is built around democratising education and advancing Africa’s digital problem-solving capabilities.After working in finance for seven years, Mulder co-founded the not-for-profit organisation called ‘WeThinkCode’, driven by the unique mission to unlock African youth potential and nurture top tech talent in order to meet the growing demand for digital skills that the education system was failing to keep up to date with.Recently, Mulder established BiB, Africa’s first audio library app available on App Store and Google Play.

Through this new venture, Africa’s rich storytelling heritage can be kept alive while creating jobs for artists using technology as a platform.Dineo LiomaDineo Lioma is a South African Engineer, biotech innovator and business woman.She is making impact with her work in science.

Dibeo achieved major successes when she was trying to help South Africa embrace new technologies and innovations in the healthcare sphere.She co-founded the three innovative companies in the biotechnology space, ; Deep Medical Therapeutics, Incitech, and CapeBio Technologies.Dineo has is recognized Woman Africa’s Top 20 Wealth Creators.

Sarah CollinsYou cannot mention successful business women in Africa and omit Sarah Collin’s name. She is one of the most exciting entrepreneurs that focuses on social activism.In 2008, she started a company that aims at providing, empowering and sustainable solutions for rural communities in Africa.With more than three billion people cooking over an open flame each day, Sarah Collins, CEO and Founder of Wonderbag, began a mission to reduce carbon emissions and make meal preparation safer, cleaner and more affordable for women.

She achieved that Through her heat-retention cooker that doesn’t use any electricity.In 2018, her company was listed among 50 most Genius global Companies.The above came after her company, Wonderbag was recognized as the fastest-growing carbon offset project in Africa.Sarah Collins later won the Climate Change Leadership award.Mayleen Kyster NduliShe started her steel company when steel industry in South Africa was not lucrative or given attention to, but today, African Steel Holdings is a leader in the raw, manufactured, and fabricated steel industry.

African Steel Holdings was founded on the foundation of Nfuli’s passion for the steel industry as well as her sound education and personal experience of 15 years in steel.Nduli has been recognised by the Steel and Engineering Federation of Southern Africa for innovating the local steel industry.Bridgette RadebeBridgette Radebe is a successful South African businesswoman and is widely regarded as the world’s first black female mining entrepreneur.She started her career as a manager of individual shaft mining operations.

Since then, she began to excel in her career path till 1980 when she started the Mmakau Mining firm.In the mining business as a whole, Bridgette has more than 30 years of expertise under her belt. Additionally, she serves as the President of the South African Mines Development Association, which is the country’s largest mining chamber.

Nneile NkholiseNneile Nkholise is an innovative entrepreneur in the biotechnology space. She is a mechanical engineering technologistNneile Nkholise was named the top female innovator in Africa in 2016 and 2018 by the World Economic Forum.Nkholise achieved this success by being the founder and director of iMED Tech, an innovative medical prostheses and bio-implants company. She recently founded 3DIMO, a company focused on the livestock space.Ntsiki BiyelaShe is recognised as the first black South African female winemaker.Ntsiki Biyela is an entrepreneur that deals in wine making and sales.

She is the Director of Aslina Wines that she established in 2016.Her premium wines are globally distributed and live up to Biyela’s vision to create a world-class brand.

Ntsiki’s desire to succeed hard helped her to overcome the challenges the wine industry faced. Shere commitment earned her the Wine Harvest Commemorative Event Diversity and Transformation Award in 2021 for her efforts.Her wins at the Sakura Awards in Japan and at South Africa’s Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards are a testament to her perseverance and drive.

Dr Judy DlaminiJudy Dlamini is one of the most successful business women in South Africa with an estimated net worth of R124 million.She is also an author and the Chancellor of the University of the Witwatersrand and the founding chairman of Mbekani Group.Mbekani Group is a company that houses various investment and operational businesses.Before embarking on her own entrepreneurial adventure, Dr Dlamini was the senior manager for HSBC South Africa.

Being one of the most successful business women in South Africa, she has an estimated net worth of R124 million.

Jeanne GroenewaldJeanne Groenewald is one of the African Entrepreneurs and CEOs that excelled in Agriculture.As a pioneer in South Africa’s agricultural sector, she has been the recipient of numerous awards, including National Female Farmer of the Year on multiple occasions and Enterprising Women of the Year in 2019.

Her journey began with raising free-range chickens prior to establishing in 2002 what has become South Africa’s biggest independent free-range-chicken operation.However, at the time, ethical free-range farming was scarce and the industry was largely male dominated.Groenewald’s business is regarded as South Africa’s most-trusted free-range chicken producer, ensuring that her birds have a good quality of life while growing the company.

The successes of South African business women are enough to inspire upcoming female entrepreneurs in Africa. It is a rekindled hope for female entrepreneurs that their businesses can thrive in the African environment, market and also grow into international entrepreneurs.Their stories showcase how much potentials are available but yet to be explored in Africa as Entrepreneurs.Top 10 Business Women in South Africa.

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