1.Moving rocks today strengthens you for moving mountains tomorrow.
2.A strong ant is better than a weak lion.
3.It is the strongest, not the prettiest birds that conquer the sky.
4.A flower blooming in a storm is stronger than a tree blossoming under a rainbow.
5.In our deepest valleys, we are strengthened to climb our highest mountains.
6.A day in a storm strengthens you more than a thousand in the sunshine.
7.Harsh winters precede pleasant springs.
8.One does not become strong lifting feathers.
9.A seed rises from dirt to prove to the world that its greatness lies not on what the world thinks of it, but from within.
10.Your greatest highs come from overcoming your greatest lows.
11.You may have a small body, but great strength. You may have an ordinary mind, but great wisdom. You may have a wounded heart, but great courage. You may have a weary soul, but great love.
12.Strength builds empires that last for decades. Wisdom builds empires that last for centuries. Love builds empires that last forever.
13.Greatness in your body is a strength. Greatness in your mind is wisdom. Greatness in your heart is faith. Greatness in your soul is love. Greatness in your life is God.
14.Brainpower + heart power + soul power = great power
15.Dark times don’t create stars; it is at night when what has always been in the star is revealed.

The greatest lesson a tree can teach you is to stand tall and proud, no matter how strong life’s winds blow against you. ~Matshona Dhliwayo