1. A hunter’s meal is in proportion to his skill.
  2. If you follow the herd, people may mistake you for a cow.
  3. One who fishes in shallow waters limits the kind of fish he can catch.
  4. If you feed a bird, you don’t have to force it to come to you.
  5. Don’t waste time watering a weed hoping to transform it into a flower.
  6. The sun does not rise abruptly but perseveres until it rules the sky.
  7. A lion does not earn its crown quarrelling with sheep.
  8. Stand-alone when it is to your benefit, with others when it is to your advantage, and
  9. with everyone when it is to your empowerment.
  10. An army of disciplined sheep is greater than an army of undisciplined wolves.
  11. Don’t poison a river whose fish you might need tomorrow.
  12. Never make a promise you can’t keep. Never look down on a person you can’t help. Never solicit a question you can’t answer. Never judge a person you don’t understand. Never condemn a person you don’t know.
  13. A bee does not need to follow you to give you honey: you follow it. Become a person of value and you too won’t have to beg anyone to follow you.
  14. If an eagle is teaching you to fly, ignore the advice of turkeys.
  15. An ambitious wolf will rise above a complacent lion.

A shark does not ask for permission to rule the waters.
United a herd is an army; divided a herd is a fair game. ~Matshona Dhliwayo