1. Be slow to teach, and quick to learn. Avoid impious people, run from fools, and seek out the wise.
  2. Anger slowly. Forgive quickly. Trust cautiously. Love easily.
  3. Smiling through confusion is courage. Smiling through tears is a strength. Smiling through pain is power. Smiling through tragedy is greatness.
  4. Be gracious. Be fearless. Be patient. Be ambitious.
  5. Use your talents. Do your best. Achieve your goals. Fulfill your purpose.
  6. Don’t speak thoughtlessly. Don’t worry unnecessarily. Don’t work half-heartedly. Don’t spend recklessly. Don’t give begrudgingly. Don’t act self-centred. Don’t live short-sightedly.
  7. Be polite. Be persistent. Be patient. Be prudent.
  8. Don’t resist change if it is to your advantage. Don’t ruin a good opportunity fixating on a bad one. Don’t burn down bridges you will need to cross tomorrow. Don’t expect other people to solve your problems. Don’t let what’s behind you dictate what’s ahead of you. Don’t lose sleep over anyone who doesn’t lose sleep over you. Don’t let life’s small arrows wound your big soul.
  9. Obstacles must be overcome. Problems must be solved. Doubt must be resisted. Fear must be defeated.
  10. The best opportunities sometimes have the worst appearances. The poorest people sometimes have the richest minds. The shallowest people sometimes have the deepest pockets. The quietest people sometimes have the wildest hearts. The meekest people sometimes have the greatest power. The calmest people sometimes have the uneasiest souls. The humblest people sometimes have the biggest accomplishments.
  11. Less gossiping, more encouraging. Less complaining, more thanksgiving. Less criticizing, more complimenting. Less hurting, more helping. Less hating, more caring.
  12. Be humble to those who praise you, pleasant to those who honour you, kind to those who cherish you, good to those who love you, and generous to those who adore you.
  13. Gray hairs signify old age, not wisdom. Muscles signify strength, not health. Laughter signifies amusement, not joy. Weeping signifies pain, not weakness. Smiling signifies courteousness, not love.
  14. If you have food on your table, clothes on your back, a roof over your head, and a dream in your heart, you have everything you need in life.
  15. People can hurt you, but you must still love. People can betray you, but you can still trust. People can put you down, but you must still rise. People can oppose you, but you can still prevail.

Life is a gift; value it.
Life is a trial; endure it.
Life is a journey; complete it.
Life is a test; pass it.
Life is a task; fulfil it.
Life is an opportunity; use it.
Life is a moment; enjoy it.
Life is a mission; accomplish it. ~Matshona Dhliwayo