1.    No one benefits from an empty jar; fill yourself first before pouring out to others.
2.    Read when you can. Teach when you ought. Learn when you must. Apply when you should.
3.    To be knowledgeable, sit before scholars; to be wise, sit before life.
4.    Listen until you’re the smartest. Learn until you’re the wisest. Live until you’re the merriest. Love until you’re the kindest.
5.    When the foolish experience much, they learn little; but even when the wise experience little, they learn much.
6.    Learn earnestly. Learn enthusiastically. Learn efficiently. Learn excellently.
7.    The highest prison walls in the universe are not made of bricks or stone but of ignorance.
8.    Books are a stairway to knowledge; experience is a highway to understanding; together they are an elevator to enlightenment.
9.    Learn from acquaintances, and you are clever; from friends, and you are intelligent; from enemies, and you are shrewd, but learn from all, and you are wise.
10.   Esteem intelligence, cherish knowledge, and value understanding, but trust wisdom.
11.   Ignorance is your opponent, fear is your enemy, vice is your adversary, virtue is your friend, and wisdom is your helper.
12.   Knowledge, teach. Wisdom, acquire. Understanding, share. Love, spread.
13.  There is no smarter professor than life and no wiser sage than experience.
14.   Reading is the best cure for ignorance.
15.   An ounce of wisdom is worth more than a pound of knowledge.
16.   A book is a whole world that you can fit into your pocket.
17.   Teach yourself. Help yourself. Improve yourself. Enrich yourself.
18.   Be humble as you learn, confident as you teach, and modest when you have mastered both.
19.   Education costs an arm and a leg, but ignorance costs you your mind and your soul.
20.   Learn, and you will live; live, and you will learn.

A certificate in commonsense is better than a doctorate in philosophy.