Unbundling Tourism Potentials between Nigeria and Argentina

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In a quest to create a future gifted with business opportunities, profits, and tourism, Argentina and Nigeria are negotiating an agreement on possible ways to boost the tourism potential between both countries.

In an exclusive interview with a team from the African Leadership Magazine, the Ambassador of Argentina to Nigeria, His Excellency Alejandro Herrero, disclosed that there’s no direct flight from Nigeria to South America, a situation which he wants to see changed in the interest of tourism and deepening of other bilateral engagements.

According to him, “We are negotiating an agreement between Argentina and Nigeria to open the road or a future to create a business opportunity to fly between Argentina and Nigeria in a profitable way, and of course, the profit is possible. No company wants to survive without profit, so it is normal.”

According to reliable research, this initiative will help promote the local economy, experimental travel, employment opportunities, infrastructural development, cultural exchange, and educational and environmental awareness for both countries. According to Karen Hughes, “The travel and tourism industry is a huge part of our economy.”

Ambassador Herrero expressed his conviction that the connection will be profitable. “Maybe not an everyday flight, but twice or three times a week could be enough. Because there’s no flight connection between Western Africa and South America, it could be Lagos or Abuja that concentrates on travelling from all over the whole of West Africa and connecting with Nigeria, which could be even more profitable.

“First of all, we need to open this route by signing an agreement and then promoting it in order to get the attention of a company that has decided to connect South America and West Africa.”

In addition, when this agreement is signed, it guarantees other benefits such as:

Enhanced Diplomatic Relations: An airline connecting Argentina and Nigeria would also be a sign of the two countries’ improving relations on the international stage. Collaboration in other fields, like education, health, and security, might improve as a result of this.

Increased Cultural Exchange: The opening of air routes between Argentina and Nigeria may result in additional opportunities for both countries to learn about one another’s traditions and customs.

Improved Trade: The opening of air routes between Argentina and Nigeria would boost bilateral trade. Businesses would have greater chances to grow their markets and forge new alliances as a result.

Economic Growth: The greater flow of people and goods that would arise from the construction of an air route would promote economic growth in both nations, resulting in the creation of jobs and new business opportunities.

Travel and Tourism: Opening air routes between these two nations would make travel for visitors simpler and more convenient. A rise in tourism could result from this, generating more income for both nations’ economies.

The need to open wider doors of relationships between West Africa and South America or Argentina in particular cannot be over-emphasized considering the immense business and diplomatic benefits that can ensue from such a relationship.

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