THEME: US – Africa Engagements under the Trump Administration – Bridging the Divide

The US – Africa Policy & Development Forum is a platform for US and African leaders to develop actionable plans towards bridging the divide in narrative and perceptions, highlighting necessary areas of cooperation, while harnessing mutually beneficial Socio-Economic contributions between the parties and relevant stakeholders. The forum, with the theme: US – Africa Engagements under the Trump Administration – Bridging the Divide, is developed to address the misunderstandings and miscommunications, and as a call to action on stakeholders and policymakers to examine, dialogue, and highlight the promise, challenges, and opportunities that exist.
This premier platform is organized by African Leadership Magazine, a Pan-African flagship good governance journal dedicated to showcasing the best of Africa to a global audience.The magazine has in the last couple of years, dedicated its platforms as an avenue through which in-depth analytical solutions are proffered to the peculiar challenges being faced by the continent while shinning the spotlight on best practices and outstanding leadership contributions in all spheres of the African life.

The forum will engage Key Trump administration officials, African policymakers, representatives of leading institutions, regulatory bodies, development consultants, and development stakeholders in Agriculture, Education, Health, Poverty Eradication programs, Defence& Security, and Development Finance within Africa and beyond in a lively debate towards a re-thinking US – Africa partnerships and policy priorities.

The forum is designed to engage key policymakers and development stakeholders from the United States and the continent including:
– Heads of Government Agencies
– Representatives of UN Agencies
– Financial Institutions and Representatives
– Elected Government officials
– Development Agencies
– Private sector organizations
– Multilateral organizations
– International NGOs/CBOs, etc.

Over the years, the African Leadership Magazine platform has served as a vehicle that showcases organizations and individuals who are dedicated to achieving excellence and fostering development in Africa. Some past speakers at our previous events have included:

H.E. John Mahama, Fmr. President of Ghana at ALM Person of the Year 2016
H.E. Kikwete, Fmr. President of Tanzania at ALM, Africa-US Forum 2014

H.E. John Mahama, Fmr. President of Ghana at ALM Person of the Year 2016 H.E. Kikwete, Fmr. President of Tanzania at ALM, Africa-US Forum 2014; H.E HifikepunyePohamba, Fmr. President of Namibia; H.E. JakayaKikwete, former President of Tanzania; Dr. Mo Ibrahim, Founder Mo Ibrahim Noble Prize for Leadership;Mr. Alonzo Fulgam, International Coordinator, USAID; H.E. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of the Republic of Liberia; H. E John Kufour, Fmr. President of Ghana; Dr. BukolaSaraki, Senate President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, SanusiLamidoSanusi, Fmr. Nigeria CBN Governor and Emir of Kano; General William E “Kip” Ward, former Commander US-Africa Command; Dr. Donald Kebaruka, Fmr. President of the African Development Bank Group; Mo Dewji, CEO METL Group, Tanzania; H.E President HageGeingob of Namibia, Congressman John Lewis, American Politician, Amb. Herman Cain; President of Mauritius AmeenahGuribetc

– Panel Session on Accelerating progress and partnerships for scaling up of investments in Africa

– The AGOA Session: Optimizing the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act
– Panel Session on Increasing Access to Agricultural and other development partnerships to Enhance Productivity and Regulatory Reforms
– African Diplomatic Roundtable

– 3rd African Educational Institutions of Excellence Showcase (AEIS) – a special African Leadership magazine showcase

– US – Africa Health Impact &Partnerships Awards

– Unrivalled Networking Sessions

The essence of diplomacy has never disappeared. Yet amid the complexities of the 21st century, the manner by which these core ingredients express themselves can be overshadowed by a myriad of contextual factors, both structural and situational.
While the challenges facing Africa are humongous, the cost of failure would be disproportionately much bigger. Hence, all stakeholders must show commitment towards addressing the root causes of this shifting challenge and the role of multi-dimensional peace diplomacy must remain a strategic key to its actualization.
We must reflect on whether African policies should continue to succumb to the temptations of short-term gains and momentary political dividends, or should open trade and immigration be at the heart of modern diplomacy efforts? These and many more would form the crux of discussions and agenda.

DATE: April 20, 2018

VENUE: National Press Club, Washington DC, USA.

Inquiries: Call: + 44 7418 471672; + 447438802727 or +2347031640048
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