Weah Pledges Free, Credible Poll at UN General Assembly

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President George Weah has pledged, World leaders that Liberia would conduct a free, fair, and credible poll next year saying, Liberia’s democracy was growing stronger than ever.

Weah said this while speaking at the 77th Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Thursday.

In his words, “Democracy in Liberia also continues to grow from strength to strength. After many years of civil upheaval, Liberia is becoming a stronghold of peace and a safe haven for democracy”.

Mr President hinted that democracy was thriving in Liberia because his administration has taken steps to strengthen institutions and created an environment where the press operates freely. He said the judiciary has also been empowered to function more independently.

He added, “We have put forward new legislation that empowers the media; while eradicating those that have tended to suppress free speech. I am proud to say that, from the beginning of my Administration to date, there is no political prisoner in Liberia.”

Besides, Weah affirmed that his government has taken a strong stand against the violation of the constitutional terms and has repeatedly called for strict adherence to the Constitutions in the West African region. He has also called for the return to democratic rule in cases of military takeovers.

He, however, called on all candidates partaking in the 2023 elections to avoid the incitement of violence, and any other behaviour that could deprive the Liberian people of the peaceful space that they need to freely exercise their franchise, and freely express their political will in choosing their leaders.

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