West Africa Mining Forum, Accra – 2022

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THEME: Mapping Africa’s mining industry: Towards driving investment decisions for sustainable future. 

Africa is endowed with an abundance of mineral resources, including gold, silver, copper, uranium, cobalt, and a variety of other metals that are critical inputs to manufacturing processes worldwide. Mineral resources contribute significantly to African countries’ fiscal revenues, foreign currency reserves, and employment. The mining and natural resources sector are critical in driving economic growth and development on the continent.

Africa’s vast mineral resources have the potential to have a transformative impact on furthering growth and alleviating poverty in the region. To realize this potential, a lot of collaboration is needed, as the conversation for West Africa’s mining sector to work with the industry experts to establish a way forward to increase productivity.

African Leadership Organisation is, therefore, putting together the West Africa Mining Forum, Accra – 2022 to bring together policymakers, private sector leaders, Industry Titans, civil society leaders, and all stakeholders during this Forum to explore ways Africa can strategise to reposition the mining sector to drive investment decisions for sustainable future.  

This forum is in keeping with our tradition of presenting the sides of the continent’s businesses and investments, which hardly find placement on the global stage, and celebrating exemplary leadership and individuals who have contributed to the economic development of the African continent, especially the mining sector.

The conference will undoubtedly serve as a venue for local and international mining corporations, institutional investors, private equity firms, and other actors across the whole mining value chain to advance commitments and business transactions that will support Africa’s economic resurgence.

Registration for this event is now open.

Please email elaikwu@africanleadership.co.uk or info@africanleadership.co.uk  for more information.

Summit Highlights

  1. Keynote and Paper Presentations.
  2. Miners’ CEOs Roundtable Session.
  3. Industry titans’ leaders & Policy Makers Interactive Session.
  4. Launching/Unveiling the Special Publication of the West African Mining Sector
  5. Award Presentations

Target Audience

  1. Ministers of Mines
  2. CEO/VP/Board/Directors of Extractive Industry companies in Africa.
  3. Consultants and strategic change managers
  4. Academics, R&D professionals, industry experts
  5. Finance players, Afro-centric funds, VC Funds,
  6. Mines service providers
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