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FEBRUARY 23RD-24TH, 2017


The Women & Finance Summit 2017 is being organised by the Amazons Watch Magazine as an African regional platform for shinning the spotlight on the trends, opportunities and challenges facing Women in the quest to improve their economic status in the African society. The summit is also a high-level forum being designed to also recognise and celebrate the private and public sector players, financial institutions, companies and associations with programmes, services and products that are supportive and friendly to women, and have over recent years economically empowered women in Africa.

Needless to say, women make up about half of the world’s population in the number of countries in Africa. Over the past years, they have been unfortunately and disproportionately burdened by work and poverty, bearing the main share of the burden with limited decision making powers, excluded from the political, economic, and social power structures. Today, the story of the African woman is changing as a number of financial institutions, companies and individual have stayed true in dedication and service to women in Africa, empowering women by increasing their access to financial services, improving their capacity to generate and control income and other key economic resource through training programmes. Remarkably, more of the Women in Africa have gradually become financially independent with the ability to manage loans, save and adopt certain financial responsibilities.

This Summit is therefore being put together to celebrate the phenomena impact of the programmes, products and services of a select group of companies and individuals that support women empowerment objectives; and to continue the discourse in seeking out ways to further increase women access to finance, particularly in rural areas; while also availing financial training sessions and opportunities for women.

THEME: Increasing Women’s Access to Finance: The trends, opportunities

 & challenges

VENUE: Johannesburg, South Africa.

Date:    February 23, 2017.


  • Key Plenary Sessions & breakout sessions
  • Topical Keynotes
  • Panel Discussions
  • MOU signings with stakeholders, partners, governments, consultants, financiers and donors
  • Young Women Entrepreneurship and start up showcase
  • Products, services, and programmes showcase by Companies, organisations and individuals.
  • Access to a pool of financial opportunities and public-private-partnership (PPP) models
  • Hands-on sectorial training sessions and symposiums
  • Unveiling of the Special Edition of the Amazons Watch Magazine
  • International press coverage


  • The First Ladies of African Countries
  • Ministers of Gender/Women Affairs of African countries
  • Heads of Committees of Gender/Women Affairs of African Parliaments
  • Heads of Committees on Finance of African Parliaments
  • Heads/Directors of Gender Departments of public institutions or agencies of African countries.
  • Heads of Gender Departments of African Central Banks
  • CEOs/ Top-Level executives of Financial Institutions and Successful Companies across Africa.
  • Women-Supportive Companies/NGOs/Foundations/Individuals
  • Budding Women Entrepreneurs/start-ups in Africa.
  • Leaders/Members of Cooperatives/societies/Clubs/organisations in Africa
  • Among others.


At the summit, a Special Edition of the Amazons Watch Magazine has been planned to unveil the following listings:

  • Africa’s Top 5 Most Outstanding Women-Friendly Banks
  • Africa’s Top 10 Inspirational Political Leaders
  • Africa’s Top 25 Stalwarts of Gender Empowerment
  • Africa’s Top 25 Distinguished Women in Business Excellence


  • A Designer Crafted Award Crystal to be presented to you in recognition of your support for the economic empowerment of women in Africa.
  • Create awareness and publicity of your various women-supportive programmes, products, services, and impact.
  • Boost investors/Customers’ confidence in your organization’s offerings with the showcase of the impact of your services in Africa.
  • Contribute towards improving the global rating of your organization, as it serves as it contributes to the growth of women in Africa.
  • Profile to be published, as one of Africa’s Top 5 Most Outstanding Women Friendly Banks/ Africa’s Top 25 Inspirational Political Leaders/ Africa’s Top 25       Stalwarts of Gender Empowerment/Africa’s Top 25 Distinguished Women in            Business Excellence; in a special edition of the Amazons Watch Magazine to be unveiled and distributed at the event. 
  • Strategic information sharing and partnership with industry titans, that continues even after the summit.
  • Live Online Coverage: We would also be providing live Twitter, Facebook and YouTube streaming for some of your selected projects in the year. The coverage would be done from the venue of the event in collaboration with our media partners to ensure millions of people from all corners of the world join the conversation and are well aware of the event.
  • Strategic Meetings with other outstanding Women leaders, in order to move the Women Gender Agenda to the next level.
  • An opportunity to connect with leading women of Africa, thereby building bridges, businesses, and fostering the network of a revolutionary Women’s Movement in Africa to shape a better future for women, their families and communities.


The Amazons Watch Magazine is published by the Center for Economic and Leadership Development (CELD), a non-Governmental Organization in special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC), whose mission is to become a leading global platform for delivering peak performance and gender empowerment. The Amazons Watch Magazine serves as the leading voice for women in developing Nations. The publication is rooted in the preservation of the pride and dignity of women through an objective reportage on gender inequalities and social injustices experienced by women in developing Nations, while profiling the amazing achievements of these Amazons for reference, duplication and inspiration to the next generation of women leaders.

CONTACT:     Tel: – +234 806 119 7781, +234 809 125 5461

Email: editor@amazonswatchmagazine.com/                         info@amazonswatchmagazine.com

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