15 Laws of Leadership (Matshona Dhliwayo)

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Law #1

The wise go fishing in a small river and catch many fish.
The unwise go fishing in the sea and catch none.

Law #2

Do as you ask others to do.
Do what others cannot do.
Do what the wise would do.

Law #3

To see farther than others,
stand on the shoulders of giants.
To see farther than all,
stand on the shoulders of God.

Law #4

Favorable outcomes conceal our weaknesses.
Overcoming unfavorable outcomes reveals our strengths.

Law #5

Plants grow toward sunlight.
Bees migrate to warm weather.
Nature is intelligent;
so is the leader who adapts.

Law #6

 Be strong, not oppressive.
Be kind, not weak.
Be persuasive, not forceful.
Be bold, not timid.
Be confident, not proud.

Law #7

A candle lights the room;
candles light the house.
When you work together
you are like the sun:
you light up the world.

Law #8

Lead from behind when you are confident in your team.
Lead from the front when you need to inspire them.
Lead from the side if that’s the best way to serve them.

Law #9

Reward when it is appropriate.
Discipline when it is necessary.
Extend mercy to your enemies.
Honor your friends with gifts.

Law #10

The greatest muscle a leader has is his mind.
The greatest sword, his tongue.
The greatest shield, his character.
The greatest arm, his faith.

Law #11

If you have a bird in your hand,
and you squeeze it, it will suffocate.
If you overburden your employees,
you will weigh them down with worry.
Tyranny produces results
at the cost of others.
Great leaders produce results
that profit everyone.

Law #12

Be loyal to your subordinates;
people easily follow someone they trust.
Be faithful to your superiors;
people easily promote someone they trust.

Law #13

Do not claim to do what you cannot do.
Do not promise to give what you do not have.
Do not offer what you cannot deliver.
A man’s word is the foundation of his reputation.

Law #14

The greater a problem is,
the greater the mind required to solve it.
The greater the number of people,
the greater the leader required to lead them.
One who rules over many is great,
but one who rules over himself is greater.

Law #15

The power of a leader is measured by his influence.
The greatness of a leader is measured by his results.
A leader may be popular, but a great leader
produces results even when unpopular.


The path less traveled is less crowded.
If you go where the herds are going,
you might get trampled. ~Matshona Dhliwayo

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