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Meet Aisha Eniola, a 19-year-old Nigerian final year student who was recently voted overwhelmingly as a the Councillor of Brent Council in London, UK.

The final year student of Mass Comm. is the daughter of ex-Councillor of Welsh Harp, Mr Francis Eniola who represents Harlesden Ward.

In the election, Aisha’s brilliance and oratorial prowess during the debates which preceded the election warmed her into the hearts of residents of the ward.

Aisha, the Labour candidate, had polled 2, 160 votes to be elected.

She defeated Simon Erskine, of the Green Party, who garnered 459 votes and Paul Fowler, of the Liberal Democrat, who polled 313.

Labour has continually held on to Harlesden, which remains one of their strongest wards in the Borough.

She is currently the youngest councillor in brent council and stated that she hoped to inspire youths to participate in politics.

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