A New African Invention Prevents Death By Car Accident!

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in-built fire extinguisher

By Ehis Ayere

Samuel Adewumi, an award-winning Nigerian inventor, has recently introduced a new technology called FIRE-Boss Automatic Extinguisher designed to automatically help forestall fire outbreaks resulting from car accidents which is mostly responsible for fatality by road accidents. In a chat with African Leadership Magazine, Adewumi explains how the FIRE-BOSS Automatic Extinguisherworks and the product qualification by relevant national and international agencies. . . .
FIRE-BOSS prevents fire outbreak automatically without manual assistance. It is installed in the bonnet of the car, and whenever there is an accident, like the way an Air-Bag in a car works, FIRE-BOSS would trigger off automatically, emitting the non-inflammable gas needed to forestall fire outbreak which could emanate from the car crash. So, in helpless situations where persons involved in car accidents may be in coma, unconscious, or in panicking state, FIRE-BOSS would help save their lives.
Apart from preventing fire outbreak, the product would also go a long way to increase the lifespan of roads and reduce government’s spending for road maintenance, as it reduces burnt tarred roads, due to fire outbreaks on highways, which degenerates to serious potholesthatin some cases lead to more vehicular accidents.

fire extinguisher
The product is the FIRST of its kind throughout the world with international Patent from World Intellectual Property Organization. Mr Adewumi has obtained patent from the Federal Government of Nigeria. The product was tested and attested by the Fire & Safety Services Directorate, trademarked by the Federal Ministry of Trade and Commerce, and acknowledged by the Federal Road Safety Commission.
Already, quite a number of parastatals and agencies of the Nigerian government have purchased the product. The first 100 pieces was purchased by the Supreme Court Abuja; 30 Pieces by the National Judiciary Commission of Nigeria; Central Bank of Nigeria, Jos Plateau, has purchased 20 pieces; Central Bank, Calabar has purchased 20 Pieces; Nigeria National Petroleum Commission, Abuja has purchased 100 Pieces; Nigeria National Petroleum Commission, Ikoyi has purchased 30 Pieces; while Kwara State House of Assembly has purchased 10 Pieces.
According to statistics from the World Health Organizations GLOBALSTATUSREPORTON ROADSAFETY 2015, “more than 1.2 million people die each year on the world’s roads, making road traffic injuries a leading cause of deathglobally. Most of these deaths are inlow- and middle-income countries where rapid economic growth has been accompanied by increasedmotorization. . .”
Forty of the 50 countries with the highest road-death rates across all ages are in Africa. Traffic accidents have become the leading cause of death among people aged 15–29 years globally, killing more people than lower respiratory infections, diarrhoeal disease, and maternal conditions which are top causes of death in Africa, particularly in countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Sudan.
In Nigeria, for instance, statistics from the Federal Road Safety Corps reveals that between January and June 2015 about 3,708 road accidents occurred in Nigeria some of which were termed very fatal due to the fire outbreak resulting from the accident.
While improvement in the enforcement of traffic rules, road conditions, pedestrian infrastructure such as pavements and crossings, and emergency care would reduce the rate of motor accidents in Africa, the rate of fatality can therefore and mostly likely be drastically reduced by FIRE-BOSS as it prevents fire outbreaks emanating from road accidents are forestalled.
Adewumi, the inventor was declared – Inventor of the Year- by the Nigerian Society of Engineers at the National Theater Igamu, Lagos in 1991.

For enquiries about the product, send an email to info@old.africanleadership.co.uk

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