Adieu American News Lady Steen Miles…. A tribute by African Leadership Magazine

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Senator Steen Miles

According to a German Proverb, “the death of a friend is equivalent to the loss of a limb.” Nothing better captures our mood than the forgoing. America, Africa and indeed the world have lost a limb, with the death of Senator Steen “Newslady” Miles.

Senator Steen Miles, who died of Lung cancer, was no doubt one of the finest journalists to come from the United States. A seasoned legislator and member of the forth estate, she is a leader of leaders. This much was shown in the deluge of tributes that poured in from her circle of friends, colleagues and well-wishers.

Senator Steen Miles represented Georgia’s District 43. During her time in the State senate, she served on the committee of Banking & Finance; Public Safety & Homeland Security; Special Judiciary; State Institutions & Property. Also known as Senator “Newslady” Miles; Senator Miles, was a former Television Newscaster. She also ran for the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of the State of Georgia in 2006. 

Sen. Miles have been on the forefront of the fight to ensure that women receive equal pay for equal work; that a woman’s reproductive rights remain the sacred domain of women, their doctors and their God; to protect voting rights; climate change, gun control, immigration reform and LGBT rights.

Steen started her career at WNDU in South Bend, Ind. as a reporter and anchor. She went on to work for WCKY Radio in Cincinnati, Ohio and later WMAQ Radio in Chicago.  Miles moved to Atlanta in 1980 to work as the state broadcast editor for United Press International after working as news director at WBMX and WVON-WGCI in Chicago.

 Her smile lends credence to the saying that “peace begins with a smile.” Hardly do you hang around the amiable Ms. Miles without a true feeling of love and affection.

She is many things to many people, but to us in African leadership, we did find in her, a dependable partner, who loves the motherland and was always willing to give back to the continent.

Her unique contribution and guidance have helped tremendously in positioning the African Leadership Group as a leading international Pan-African Magazine, with huge followership within and outside the shore of the continent. Her wisdom is epic, and knowledge outstanding.

Senator Miles would be sorely missed by all who knew her. On our part, we pledge to continue to promote those values which she lived for, part of which was to see an Africa that would rise above the shadows and truly take her place as the continent of pride.


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