Africa Energy Summit – Accra, Ghana 2019

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Theme: Local Content Development: Optimizing Digital Transformation for In-Country Value and Shared Prosperity

Venue: Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel, Accra, Ghana

Date:  November 10th, 2019


Local content participation in the African Oil and Gas sector has seen significant growth in the past decade owing to the implementation of local content frameworks (LCFs) and local content policies across oil-producing countries in Africa. Indigenous companies now provide world-class services and global best practices which has led to some home-grown players having a significant share of the market from the traditional foreign multinationals who dominate the industry. 

The Nigeria Content Development Monitoring Board estimates that local capture of oil industry spending has risen from 5 to 40 per cent in the last decade, according to the African Regional Evidence Paper 2016, the total number of people employed in the upstream sector in Ghana is estimated at 6,929, of which 5,589 or 80% are Ghanaian employees, while over 150 Ghanaian companies are operating in the upstream sector and total contracts awarded to local companies since 2009 total over USD$600million since 2009. Countries such as Angola, Uganda and Chad have also seen considerable progress made in local participation albeit rather slowly.

For African players to fully reap the benefits of localization, leaders of the oil and gas industry must fully embrace the efficient use of digital technologies which could reduce capital costs by up to 20 per cent. It could cut general expenses in oil production segment by 3 – 5% and by about half that in refining and petrochemicals.

A Deloitte Insight 2019 survey found that the rapidly changing dynamics of Africa’s oil and gas sector require new technology-driven solutions to respond to disruption across its value chain. This makes the sector ripe for digital transformation, presenting opportunities for local skills development through effective knowledge transfer, which is a shorter road to developing nations industrialization.

Also, according to a PwC 2016 oil & gas report “digitization has the power to help the sector reap the most from its boom periods and avoid the worst damage when things go bust. The sector is starting to fully recognize that power, and more and more companies are scrambling to seize It”. With the volatility of oil prices, African local players must seek out new ways to compete favourably and remain profitable. It is without a doubt that companies that embrace digitization early on will be winners tomorrow, policymakers and local players must be at the forefront ensuring a seamless transition to new technologies such as the use of drones, 4D seismic technology and 3D printing just to mention a few.

It is therefore imperative upon African policymakers and practitioners in the oil and gas sector, to deliberately integrate disruptive digital technology in all parts of the value chain as an important first step towards operationalizing local content as a sustainable and alternative strategy. This is in a bid to ensure that the exploitation of natural resources is not a curse but a blessing, which generates sustainable social and economic benefits to society.

 It is in this light that the African Leadership (UK) Ltd in collaboration with Africa Energy and Infrastructure Magazine hosts the 2nd Africa Energy Summit formerly known as the African Leadership Oil & Gas Development Summit


  • Review factors that shape the successful implementation of regulatory frameworks and promotes public local content policies and corporate local content strategies in African oil and gas producing countries
  • Promote human capacity development for a new era of digital transformation in the oil and gas industry for greater national industry participation
  • Strengthening Local content through development funds across the oil and gas value chain
  • Strategies for translating Local Content framework conditions (challenges) into to value-adding activities 
  • Evaluate opportunities and limitations for SMEs investments in Africa’s Oil and Gas Sectors
  • Best practice case studies –International oil companies’ partnership with private and public institutions
  • Expert discussions on actions that will contribute to more equitable and efficient use of oil and gas resources at the local level
  • Influence industry leaders on a strategic road map for digitization 
  • To provide a unique platform for strategic partnerships with NOC’s and international     O&Gs, industry experts, development economists, academics, and development partners for collaborations to Fast-track resource-based industrialization in Africa.


Benefits of Attending the Africa Energy Summit 2019 

  • Distinct opportunity to network with industry leaders from the African oil and gas industry.
  • Understanding sustainable local content development and how to promote both legal and institutional frameworks in the African oil and gas sector
  • Avenue to learn about the opportunities and limitations for SMEs investments in Africa’s Oil and Gas Sectors
  • Find out monitoring and evaluation strategies for local content policies from an expert panel of speakers from governments, NOC’s, oil and gas companies, service providers and policymakers and industry experts
  • Discover the investment plans, projects and programmes for natural resources industrialization in the producing countries


  • Oil & Gas CEO’s Roundtable Session
  • Women in Energy Panel Session
  • Newsmaker Session
  • Interactive Q&A Sessions
  • Unrivalled Networking Opportunities
  • Gala Awards & Dinner


  • Ministers of Petroleum 
  • CEO/VP/Board/Directors of Oil companies
  • Consultants and strategic change managers
  • Heads of Strategy and Technology
  • Academics, R&D professionals, industry experts
  • Maritime operators in the Oil and Gas sector
  • Finance players, and Afro-centric funds, VC Funds,
  • Trade Unions in Oil and Gas
  • Oil and Gas service providers and local content developer

For more information on participation and sponsorship, please contact our office, as shown below –

African Leadership (UK)Limited

Portsmouth Technopole, Kingston Crescent

Portsmouth, PO2 8FA

The United Kingdom.

Tel: +44 743802727 +2347013038861


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