The President of Algeria, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, has directed officials to raise the production of oxygen from its current running amount at 360,000 litres to 470,000 litres. This will be added to the 100,000 litres imported into the country by ship.

A communique from the Council of Ministers revealed that the country will import 100,000 litres via ships every two days to meet available demand and provide for any emergency. It is in this regard that Tebboune has emphasized the need to meet the criteria and technical conditions of receipt and storage of oxygen in hospitals.

The President placed priority on the national vaccination campaign as he gave instructions to speed up the pace of vaccination to achieve herd immunity. He pointed to the most affected and most populous provinces as areas of concern.

Accessing places like Algiers, Oran, Setif and Constantine which constitute dense areas will help the vaccination campaigns by reaching 60% of the population.