By Alkali Amana

The CEO of Integrity Logistics Company, Ms. Yaa Ama-Oko Adu, has been duly recognized by African Leadership Magazine for being adept at leading with excellence in the oil and gas industry in Africa.

The award which she received as an honour at the African Energy and Infrastructure Forum which held virtually on Thursday, May 20, 2021, represents the hard work and focus with which she attained a height at the top in a male-dominated industry, paving the way for other African women to aspire venturing into the energy industry or the oil and gas sector.

As part of her presentation at the event, Ms. Adu expressed her appreciation and noted it was an honour that the good work of women on the continent is being recognized, hoping more women businesses to develop and reach top levels. She noted that Africa needs to boost its academic standards to compete on a global stage and bridge the gap between local content and expertise.

“We need to have good academic stratas put in place for our locals to be trained in there. If you are talking about technicality, we have not reached anywhere, in the sense that whatever we are doing now or whatever we even tell people to do, there are higher technical processes that are coming again”.

As part of her commitment to the education sector with her Company, Ms. Adu noted that alongside partners, Integrity Logistics has successfully established a training institute to handle technical training courses for Ghanaians and Africa at large, to have the gap between local and expert level bridged.