Angola Capital Investments Advances Healthcare in Rwanda with Announcement of New Healthcare Facility

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Zandre Campos, CEO of Angola Capital Investments (ACI), a leading international investment firm headquartered in Angola, has announced that one of its major holding companies, Oshen Healthcare signed an agreement with the Government of Rwanda to create a multi-specialty healthcare facility. The company will invest 18.1billion Rwandan Francs (RWF), in the next 5 years to upgrade the current infrastructure and assume management of King Faisal Hospital, located in Kigali, Rwanda.

“The objective is to create a regional, multi-specialty referral healthcare facility in East Africa. The hospital will have the best physicians and the latest specialized technologies,” said Teo Sarda, President& CEO, Sphera Global Health Care. “The hospital will meet and exceed international standards so that the over 200 million people in the neighboring countries have access to quality healthcare.”

Oshen Healthcare will assume the management of King Faisal Hospital through its collaboration with Sphera Global Health Care, a multinational corporation with hands-on experience in health programs and a specialized team with wide experience in healthcare management.

“We want to bring the highest quality healthcare services to Africa. Our investments aim to democratize healthcare services so that the people in Africa, and all over the world, have access to quality healthcare,” said Zandre Campos, Chairman and CEO of ACI.

Sphera is committed to bringing high-quality healthcare services to nations around the globe with current activities in Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Spain, Brazil, Angola, Rwanda, and Morocco.

The mission of ACI is to create global value for developing countries in Africa, while contributing to their economic development.



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