Angola: Putin, Ortega Congratulate Lourenço On Re-Election Victory

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Russian President Vladimir Putin and Daniel Ortega have congratulated Angolan President João Lourenço on his re-election in the general elections.

In a letter, Vladimir Putin highlights that Russian-Angolan relations are based on “ancient traditions of friendship and mutual respect.

The Russian President said Lourenço’s new term will continue to contribute to the development of constructive bilateral cooperation in areas of interest to the people.

On his part, Nicaraguan President, Daniel Ortega, recalls that Angola and his country are “united, as peoples of the south, by indelible ties of sacrifices, heroism, struggles and victories of great peoples, who left and continue to leave teachings, learning and that they are an inspiration to free peoples”.

Also, Ortega salutes the winning party, the MPLA, and the entire Angolan people.

He also wished Lourenço much success, in what he considers to be a “difficult moment” that humanity faces, concluding his message by stressing that “the struggle continues and the victories are certain”.

Recall that the MPLA won the general elections with 51.17 per cent of the votes (3.2 million votes), followed by UNITA with 43.95%, resulting from 2. 7 million votes.

MPLA won 124 MPs in the National Assembly, while UNITA had 90 MPs.

Three other political parties, the FNLA, the PRS, and the PHA, each elected two MPs.
The Angolan Parliament comprises 220 seats.

Source: ANGOP

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