Aniwura.Com Launches Africa’s First Online Multidimensional Marketplace

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Addressing what it sees as a confined demand for online purchasing, has recently launched a portal where businesses and government entities can transact businesses for products and services and also facilitate e-procurement for government and corporate enterprises. is an online multidimensional marketplace and a marketing platform for both local and global businesses which offers Business-to-Business(B2B), Online-to-Offline(020), and the ground breaking Business-to-Government services on a “single platform” to its community.

Aniwura recently hosted a pre-launch event with the aim of introducing the portal to the world and start the process of registering suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors on the platform in readiness for transactions.

The platform, aside providing e-procurement solutions also provides various categories ranging from electronics, Fashion, agriculture, manufacturing and industrial equipment, IT, and services. It currently has 54 categories and will start to develop it sub- categories. It is currently in a pre-launch phase.

Iwayemi Omolara Ogomudia, CEO and founder of says she decided to launch the marketplace after spending several years as an entrepreneur and researcher in Nigeria learning about the difficulty in sourcing products in this part of the world.

“I was constantly frustrated with ordering supplies and services unlike when I go to China,” she says. “In particular, I felt the entire process of sourcing, approval and shipping could easily be improved upon.

“I also realized that it is becoming obvious that many of the buyers at companies had become accustomed to purchasing things online for their personal use, and also wanted to purchase online for their businesses. “Millenials are now the key decision-makers for company sourcing,” she says. “This changing of the guard means they expect the same convenient access to shopping for personal purchases to be available when they search for business solutions.” says it marketplace will offer products and services  at wholesale prices from merchants to a broad base of buyers from companies across various industries from such organizations as healthcare, electrical systems and components , manufacturing companies, travel food and entertainment, Government, security and safety, and across all other industries .

Businesses are expected to start the process of subscribing on the platform form 2nd of September so as to begin to trade on the platform before the end of the last quarter of the year. does not charge sellers of products a commission on the value of transaction since it is strictly a subscription based model, more details on subscription fees can be accessed on the platform.

The initial investment by the company has not been disclosed but it currently has about 30 employees.

They have advised everyone to sign up for free resources and news updates for various industry news. When asked about their preparedness for competition from existing e-commerce platforms, the CEO/Founder stated that she does not consider any e-commerce platform in Nigeria especially as competitors since they do not operate the same business model.

The pre-launch which drew Nigerians from all walks of life had in attendance prominent Nigerians including Chairman, Leadership Group, Sam Ndah Isaiah, Honourable Commissioner of Commerce and Industry, Ogun State, Otunba Abimbola Ashiru,  MD, Interswitch, Thomas Eze, President ATCON, Sola Teniola and  Larry Agose, a PR expert .


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