Autodesk Incorporated has called for the adoption of digital technologies in the construction industry, saying it is a new frontier for innovation in the technology ecosystem.

The company made the call at a Forum themed: ‘The Future of Making Things’ held in Lagos.

The event highlighted how the disruptive power of digital technologies can enable a more profitable, resilient and agile construction industry and explained that the construction industry is a new frontier for innovation. It also brought to the fore, issues plaguing the construction industry such as rising project complexity, globalization of construction, skills shortage, and access to capital as well as how cloud-enabled technologies present an opportunity for disruption in the way we design, build and operate buildings and infrastructure.

Speaking on the theme, Autodesk’s Africa Country Manager, Simon Bromfield, stated that advanced technology in construction may seem like an oxymoron, but the industry is a new frontier for innovation.

“Contractors are pressured on many sides, operating in a market driven by money and risk. Securing a profitable place in tomorrow’s market will be linked to a contractor’s ability to innovate. We urgently need to focus on the future – the future of making things with technology. When you see how this connectivity influences every facet of a construction site – improving the efficiency, safety, and cost – it is not even a question of whether the industry will move in this direction, only how quickly.”

Arc Chike Ibeanu, Managing Partner, ZDesign and Development Consulting Ltd, stated that “The future is about collaborating in ways that previously weren’t possible. It is about having access to knowledge throughout the entire BIM process, both through desktop products as well as through the cloud. Digitizing the construction process and connecting teams with a common data environment improves collaboration and decision-making. Building information modeling, BIM, provides a solid foundation and enables greater efficiency and productivity. Any construction company looking to drive business margins, resilience and growth must innovate.”