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Breaking: African Leadership Magazine Unveils Nominees for the African Persons of the Year (POTY) 2023

Portsmouth – United Kingdom November 27, 2023. Following the call for nominations, which ended recently and attracted submissions from Africans across the.

Nicky Oppenheimer: A Spotlight on the African Business Czar

Nicky Oppenheimer has had an exceptional life experience, and his remarkable accomplishments can be attributed to a multitude of causes. Oppenheimer’s tale.

Nominations Now Open for the African Leadership Magazine Persons of the Year (POTY) Awards 2023

Nominations Now Open for the African Leadership Magazine Persons of the Year (POTY) Awards 2023 Portsmouth – United Kingdom/November 9, 2023 The.

When Art Meets Activism: Entertainers’ Impact on Social Transformation

While everyone has the power to influence societal change, celebrities are uniquely positioned to do so because of their large following. With.

Kenya’s Visa-free Travel: A Vision of Unity

Africans face a staggering 38-visa hurdle to travel within Africa using their passport, in stark contrast to Europeans who enjoy visa-free access.

Perspectives on African Peace and Security to Drive Success in Leadership

Africa, a continent of unparalleled diversity and potential, has long been marred by conflicts and instability. However, in recent decades, there has.

African Leadership Magazine’s Impact on the Workforce Revolution

In the midst of a global technological revolution, labour market trends are rapidly evolving. For Africa, this transformation brings forth a unique.

Can Two-state Solution Change the State of a Nation at War?

In the wake of the escalating conflict between Israel and Hamas, nations worldwide have implemented various security measures and witnessed impassioned demonstrations..