Burundi Accepts Deployment of AU Military Monitors

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Burundi has recently agreed to the deployment of observers and military monitors from the African Union (AU) as part of peace restoring efforts.
“The AU will deploy 100 human rights observers and 100 military monitors to Burundi to monitor the situation,” an AU high-level delegation to Burundi said in a statement issued by the South African Presidency.
The statement was issued following the conclusion of a “fruitful and productive” visit by the delegation comprising five heads of state, led by South African President Jacob Zuma.”
We have spent the last two days meeting with various stakeholders comprising the Burundi government, political parties and civil society soliciting their views about the political situation here in Burundi,” the statement said.
The delegation was pleased with the participation and contributions of all these sectors, said the statement.
The delegation also expressed its concerns about the levels of violence, loss of life, and the general state of political instability in the country, the statement said.
“We are however pleased that all parties expressed strong commitment to resolving whatever political problems exist through inclusive and peaceful dialogue. We believe strongly that the solution to Burundi political problems can be attained only through inclusive and peaceful engagement,” the delegation said.
The Burundi government has committed to the steps it has taken to open up space for free political activity by the people of Burundi and ensure the freedom of the media, said the delegation.
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni will convene an inclusive dialogue that will be attended by all important stakeholders as soon as possible to continue the work that he has already started to facilitate peace talks in Burundi.
The delegation called upon all the people of Burundi to participate in the inclusive dialogue.
“We urge the international community to support the people of Burundi in their efforts to find lasting peace and development for the country. In this regard, we urge the international community to restore the provision of assistance to Burundi so that they can continue with building their country,” the statement said.

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