The residents of Nkolbikok community in Cameroon have begun an operation do-it-your-self strategy of solving the problem of trash-choked wetlands and blocked drains in the swampy areas.

Residents who had earlier called for help and gotten none have now devised an initiative to save themselves from impending cases of flood which reports say will be worse than the previous case.

The city’s waste management company HYSACAM, has been finding it hard to cope with large amount of waste that is been produced in the capital on a daily basis.

HYSACAM also complained of its inability to access some areas in Nkolbikok due to disorganized construction works going on. However, to solve the growing challenge, residents have decided to start up a daily rubbish collection system of their own, known as “Tam Tam Mobile”; a door-to-door collection of waste from households, with a monthly incentive of $2 to sustain the initiative. The waste collected is to be disposed at HYSACAM-approved points making it accessible for the organization.

This initiative will help to control the high level of improper waste disposal in Nkolbikok and reduce flood cases in the neighborhood since there will be no accumulation of waste materials in drains and wetlands.