Celebrating Dr. Ken Giami: A Visionary Leader Bridging Global South-South Cooperation

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Dr. Ken Giami, Chairman and Publisher of African Leadership Magazine, has been recognised with a prestigious Leadership Award and Medal of Honour by the United Nations-affiliated Council for Justice, Equality, and Peace (CJEP). The award acknowledges Dr. Giami’s outstanding efforts in fostering global south-south cooperation through the International Forum on African-Caribbean Leadership (IFAL). This recognition underscores the pivotal role of collaboration and cooperation in achieving equitable development for the developing world.

In terms of African visionary leadership and impactful contributions to the world, Dr. Ken Giami stands as an exemplar. As the Chairman and Publisher of African Leadership Magazine, he has dedicated his life to promoting positive and progressive narratives about Africa and its people. Dr. Giami is not just a publisher; he is a driving force behind initiatives that foster global cooperation and development, such as the International Forum on African-Caribbean Leadership (IFAL). Today, we celebrate his remarkable achievements and the recognition he has received from the UN-affiliated Council for Justice, Equality, and Peace.


Dr. Ken Giami’s journey towards becoming a prominent figure in African leadership and media began with a vision—a vision of Africa as a continent of boundless potential and unparalleled richness. He believed that Africa’s stories deserved to be told with authenticity, highlighting its accomplishments and addressing its challenges.


In 2008, Dr. Giami turned this vision into a reality by founding African Leadership Magazine, a monthly publication based in Portsmouth, England. This magazine swiftly became a trusted source of information on Africa and its leaders, covering a diverse range of topics including business, politics, culture, and innovation. It offered a platform for African voices to be heard on the global stage.


IFAL: A Platform for Change

Among several others, one of Dr. Ken Giami’s contributions is the creation and organisation of the International Forum on African-Caribbean Leadership (IFAL). This annual event is a source of hope and progress, bringing together leaders, policymakers, and influencers from Africa, the Caribbean, and the diaspora. It serves as a dynamic platform for discussing and shaping policy directions, as well as engaging in peer-reviewed discussions.


The IFAL has, over the years, fostered deep connections between leaders from Africa, Caribbean nations, policymakers, and private sector pioneers. It has become an indispensable gathering that bolsters the socio-economic development of Africa and the Caribbean.


In recognition of Dr. Ken Giami’s outstanding contributions to global cooperation, the UN-affiliated Council for Justice, Equality, and Peace awarded him a Leadership Award and a medal of honour during the International Forum on African-Caribbean Leadership (IFAL) 2023 in New York. This prestigious accolade reflects his dogged commitment to bridging the gap between the global south and south, emphasising the significance of collaboration and cooperation for equitable development.


Dr. Ken Giami’s impactful initiatives encompass a multifaceted commitment to advancing human rights, democracy, conflict resolution, and peace education. Aligned with the values championed by the Council for Justice, Equality, and Peace (CJEP), Dr. Giami’s unwavering career cornerstone centres on advocacy for marginalised and vulnerable groups, synergizing seamlessly with African Leadership Magazine’s powerful voice. Furthermore, his diligent work through IFAL has played a pivotal role in fostering international dialogue and understanding, crucial in pursuing global peace and stability. Additionally, Dr. Giami’sinitiatives actively promote peace education and interfaith dialogue, uniting leaders from diverse backgrounds and aligning harmoniously with CJEP’s mission to promote peace and reconciliation in conflict zones.

African Leadership Magazine, since its inception in 2008, has marked an illustrious journey, marked by significant milestones that have firmly established its eminence in the realms of global media and leadership advocacy. Continuously, the magazine has served as a compelling platform for spotlighting Africa’s finest leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators, thus orchestrating a celebration of African excellence on the international stage. Beyond this, it has effectively amplified the voices of African luminaries, resonating their insights on multifarious subjects spanning business, politics, culture, and innovation—a true advocate for African-driven solutions to the continent’s challenges. In the noble pursuit of awareness, the magazine has addressed critical African issues, from poverty and hunger to disease and conflict, while simultaneously shedding light on the commendable efforts of African entities and individuals engaged in addressing these formidable challenges. Moreover, African Leadership Magazine has consistently championed the cause of African business and investment, facilitating connections between African enterprises and prospective investors. A crowning achievement, the annual African Leadership Persons of the Year Awards, stands as a testament to the magazine’s enduring commitment to recognising and celebrating African excellence across diverse fields, encapsulating the spirit of its remarkable journey.

The International Forum on African-Caribbean Leadership (IFAL) is poised for an exciting future marked by significant developments, including the imminent launch of the Africa-Caribbean Trade and Investment Initiative (ACTII). ACTII promises to be a catalyst for heightened trade and investment between these two regions, fostering economic growth and collaborative ventures. Simultaneously, IFAL is gearing up for the establishment of the IFAL Young Leaders Network, a pioneering initiative set to provide invaluable mentorship and support to emerging leaders from Africa and the Caribbean, cultivating the next generation of change-makers. Moreover, IFAL is committed to transparency and knowledge dissemination with the forthcoming publication of the IFAL Annual Report, offering invaluable insights into the pivotal challenges and opportunities shaping the trajectories of Africa and the Caribbean, thus contributing substantively to informed decision-making and continued progress.

A Legacy of Excellence

Dr. Ken Giami’s impact on Africa, the Caribbean, and the world cannot be overstated. His visionary leadership and focused commitment to transformative leadership, collaboration, and development have left a golden footprint in the sand of time. The recognition he has received from the Council for Justice, Equality, and Peace is a pointer to his exceptional contributions.

As we celebrate Dr. Ken Giami, we are reminded of the words of Henry Ford: “The greatest reward in life is not what we get for what we have done, but what we become by doing it.” Dr.Ken Giami has become an emblem of positive change, and his legacy will continue to inspire all of us and generations to come.


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