The two countries has restored their diplomatic ties just six months after the West African nation cut ties with Doha in the wake of a rift among Arab states. Chad closed Qatar’s embassy and expelled its diplomats last August, accusing its government of trying to destabilize Chad via its northern neighbor, Libya.

The move came after Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt cut diplomatic and commercial ties with Qatar in June for allegedly supporting extremist groups, meddling in their internal affairs and backing regional foe Iran’s agenda.

Qatar denied all the accusations in a statement reported by the Qatari state news agency QNA, Qatar’s foreign ministry said the two countries’ foreign ministers recently signed a memorandum of understanding to resume diplomatic relations.

According to the foreign Ministry Spokeswoman, Lulwa Rashed al-khater, this is a great victory for both countries’ diplomacy; one that is based on the principles of dialogue and common interests that bring peace and prosperity to both nations. A spokesman for Chad’s foreign affairs ministry also confirmed that all relations would be restored amongst both nations.

West African countries Niger, Mauritania and Senegal also cut ties with Doha last year in solidarity with the other Arab countries.

In a bid to encourage the Arab states to resolve their dispute Senegal also reinstated its ambassador to Qatar in August. However, Qatar remains isolated by trade and travel sanctions imposed by its neighbors.