DHL has announced its partnership with MallforAfrica’s new platform, Marketplace Africa, to help online retailers move African-made products to the United States and the global market at large.’s global consumers can now shop directly from African businesses and have the products shipped to their homes conveniently.

DHL will coordinate the logistics services as their e-commerce delivery solutions are designed with small scale businesses in mind and will provide the speedy delivery that customers expect.

Hennie Heymans, CEO for DHL Express Sub Saharan Africa said, “We are thrilled to be a part of this innovative e-commerce solution for African artisans. DHL is a facilitator of global trade and if we can improve connectivity and accessibility to global markets for local business, this will go a long way in helping small businesses grow. We’ve been in Africa since 1978, so have seen first-hand, the huge opportunities that cross-border trade offers to local businesses. This is truly an exciting time for African businesses.”

The Africa Made Product Standards (AMPS) ensures that the highest quality products are being sold on the Marketplace Africa platform. It provides consumers with the assurance that products meet an international standard in quality. All products are crafted with utmost care.

“Africans finally have the opportunity whether banked or unbanked to showcase their amazing talents and skills to the world and sell their products. DHL and MallforAfrica saw the need to promote African-made products to the world and I am beyond proud to be a part of making history alongside a company that has pioneered logistics efficiency in Africa, and across the globe,” said Chris Folayan, CEO of MallforAfrica. “Marketplace Africa will open the door for African designers and craftspeople and enable customers in the US and the world the ability to purchase authentic African-made products directly from the source.”