Dieudonne Kasembo Nyembo’s Milestones and Achievements at GECOTRANS SARL

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Here are some of the remarkable achievements and milestones that have been made under the leadership of one of Africa’s influential leaders, Mr. Dieudonne Kasembo Nyembo. At the helm of GECOTRANS SARL, this visionary leader has implemented various initiatives that have positively impacted not only the company but also the entire Congolese society.


In this exclusive interview, the visionary leader took us through his journey of success and laid out a word of advice to upcoming African business leaders.


Your company has made some milestone advancements and progress under your leadership. Kindly share with us some of your proudest achievements and highlights that led to these successes.

From my main company, I was able to make diversifications that met the real needs of Congolese society.

  • An investment in a 3-hectare container park to fight against the congestion at the Matadi Seaport, a transit port thrown on the Congo River, is small for such a large country, but it often gets congested and causes additional costs because ships that remain at anchor for a long time, such as some containers blocked in transit at the port of Pointe Noire because of the lack of space at the port of Matadi, remain at anchor for a long time.
  • An investment in the MAVUMA Asphalt Sand Bitumen Manufacturing Plant project. An innovation that will allow the Democratic Republic of the Congo to produce its own bitumen to build its road infrastructure. The DRC is a large country, but the different cities are not interconnected.
  • An investment in a 99.99% crude gold merchant gold refinery unit, in the South Kivu province, Congo Gold Raffinerie.

You are an Influential leader in the African Business environment. Care to share with us some of the techniques that you have employed to ensure growth and development at GECOTRANS SARL.


My main technique for success has always been, first and foremost, my personal commitment to the running of the company.

Put my staff at the centre of business development. Ensure they have an adequate work environment.

Ensure its reputation and credibility in order to benefit from the support of banks and financial institutions.

The award you have been chosen to receive in the United States of America, New York, is an exclusive prize for excellent Leadership. What does this mean to you, your team, the company, and the nation?.

This award is a reason for pride and will boost us even more. This comes to crown the efforts and seriousness that we put into the accomplishment of our work.

Being counted among the African leaders positions us best in this large global market where we are already working with international partners. My team will also be motivated by the pride of great teamwork.

Business environments are not a bed of roses anywhere. What are the major challenges you have faced at GECOTRANS SARL. And how have you been able to mitigate the difficulties and achieve the extraordinary success that everyone is seeing today?

We operate in a difficult political environment with armed conflicts in several places where we have direct interests.

For each environment, we develop specific strategies based on human relationships and the courage of employees.

The seriousness of what we do reassures our customers and partners. Taking general information into account helps us with the strategies we put in place.

Mr. Dieudonne Kasembo Nyembo, your corporate social responsibilities and sustainability at GECOTRANS SARL are there for all to see in helping the communities around you. What is your driving force? Also, share with us some of the projects you have embarked upon for the general benefit of the communities.

Our driving force is our commitment to local communities. We attach great importance to the general benefit of local communities. Therefore, in many of our projects, especially those in remote areas, including that of MAVUMA. We rely on a local workforce, involving them in the development of their community.

We initiate social actions in the different localities where our offices are located. Such as the construction of schools, and public lighting with solar panels.

The forum under which you are to be given your Award in New York is an International Forum on African-Caribbean Leadership. What advice do you have for future entrepreneurs and aspiring business leaders who want to make a difference in their countries?

The advice I will give to future entrepreneurs and business leaders is, first of all, to know the activity in which they want to engage. Preferably, it should meet the real needs of society. And one must love it in order to give the best to it.



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