Driving Africa’s Agri-Revolution: Bureau Veritas’ Vision

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Bureau Veritas, a global leader in testing, inspection, and certification services, recently showcased its expertise in bolstering agricultural productivity and intra-African trade at the Intra-Africa Trade Fair (IATF) in Egypt. The event, organized by the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank), aimed at fostering discussions on agriculture, conformity standards, and regulations.

With a presence in about 35 countries, Bureau Veritas engaged in discussions on agriculture and compliance at the event, which united 1600 exhibitors from 75 countries and projected to generate $43 billion in trade and investment deals.

Mr. Bertrand Martin, Senior Vice-President for Bureau Veritas Africa, shed light on the company’s commitment to supporting agricultural productivity, food security, and market access through a comprehensive suite of services. He highlighted the critical role of Bureau Veritas in employing advanced technologies to bolster agricultural processes across various stages.


“At Bureau Veritas, our focus spans from assessing soil fertility to optimizing fertilizers and monitoring productivity,” Mr. Martin remarked. The company utilizes state-of-the-art technologies, including drones and satellite mapping, to identify suitable crops in previously unexplored areas. This helps determine appropriate crops and advises on water management for optimal growth.


Moreover, Bureau Veritas aids in monitoring productivity by employing satellite crop mapping, essential for supply chain management and sustainability amidst evolving climate change challenges. The company is keen on linking Africa’s agricultural development to sustainable practices to ensure long-term food security. Soil, water, pesticide, and fertilizer requirements, coupled with hydrology testing, guide the cultivation of specific crops.


Collaborating with Afreximbank, Bureau Veritas took a significant step by establishing the African Quality Assurance Centre (AQAC) in Nigeria, a cutting-edge laboratory ensuring compliance with international standards for agricultural products. This initiative aims to align ‘Made-in-Africa’ products with global benchmarks and enhance their export competitiveness.


Mr. Martin stressed the importance of standardized products in global markets. He highlighted the need for products to adhere to international standards to gain consumer trust globally. The company’s vision aims at combining global standards with locally grown talent, emphasizing compliance, quality, and harmonization to promote ‘Made-in-Africa’ products both domestically and internationally.


Founded in 1828, Bureau Veritas operates globally, with a workforce of approximately 84,000 employees across nearly 1,600 offices and laboratories worldwide. The company’s dedication to innovation underscores its role in fostering a future where African agricultural products excel in both local and global markets.

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