Drought: Zimbabwe Moves 2,500 Wild Animals to Conservancies

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Zimbabwe has relocated about 2,500 wild animals from the southern reserve to the conservancies in the Northern part of the country as a rescue measure from drought amid ravages of climate change, posing a threat to wildlife.

The operation is called, “Project Rewild Zambezi,” which denotes the moving of animals to an area in the Zambezi River valley to rebuild the wildlife populations there.
The spokesman of the Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, Tinashe Farawo disclosed this in the associated press.

Further, Associated Press explained that about 400 elephants, 2,000 impalas, 70 giraffes, 50 buffaloes, 50 wildebeest, 50 zebras, 50 elands, 10 lions, and a pack of 10 wild dogs are among the animals being moved from Zimbabwe’s Save Valley Conservancy to three conservancies in the north — Sapi, Matusadonha, and Chizarira — in one of southern Africa’s biggest live animal capture and translocation exercises.

It was said the lack of water made it necessary to move wildlife as their habitat has become parched by prolonged drought, and the parks agency issued permits to allow the animals to be moved to avert a disaster from happening.

Farawo added, “We are doing this to relieve pressure. For years we have fought poaching and just as we are winning that war, climate change has emerged as the biggest threat to our wildlife.

“Many of our parks are becoming overpopulated and there is little water or food. The animals end up destroying their own habitat, they become a danger unto themselves and they encroach on neighbouring human settlements for food resulting in incessant conflict”.

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