The President of Tunisia, Kais Saied recently appointed a new prime minister-designate
in person of Elyes Fakhfakh, the former finance minister.
In a statement from the presidency, alongside Fakhfakh’s new role, he has been
“mandated to form a government as soon as possible.”
The new PM designate proposal will have to gain the approval of the parliament, which
early this month rejected an attempt from the former PM designate to form a
Fakhfakh’s appointment came after the former Tunisian prime minister-designate
Habib Jemli got a no-confidence vote earlier this month after months of negotiations.
However, the new prime minister-designate has vowed to form a coherent and serious government.
“I will strive for the government to be at the level of this trust [of President Kais Saied
who appointed him to form the government] and this historical moment and at the level
of expectations of the Tunisian people.”
“in line with what was expressed by the Tunisian people in recent elections…, towards
having fair, honest and strong state institutions.”

He has also promised to seek continuous cooperation with the country’s presidency to
“unify efforts and goals with a view to helping the nation and the people.”