The National Higher Education and Research Institute (NHERI) recently hosted a dissemination seminal of the Eritrea-Fineland co-operation in Higher Education. The seminar focused on reflections about the overall tasks accomplished since the signing of the cooperation deal in November 2015.

The objective of the Eritrea HEI ICI Program is to support the development of sustainable institutional capacity in Eritrean higher education institutions by enhancing their administrative, field-specific, methodological and pedagogical capacities. In realization of the institute’s objective, Dr. Haile Mihtsun, the Executive Director of the NHERI encourages and values partnerships with local, regional and international actors to realize its policies and program objectives. He as well commends the already existing relationship between Eritrea and Fineland as he went on to say that the partnership with Finland is one of the very active co-operations between Eritrean Institutions of Higher Education (IHES) and Finnish Universities.

The bilateral Higher Education Cooperation launched in 2015 involved seven Eritrean Colleges and four Finnish Universities along with the Finnish Church Aid and covers six projects aimed at enhancing Education, Agriculture, Geoinformatics, Digital Library and ICT.

Mr. Pekka Haavisto, a Finnish member of parliament, said that the cooperation with Eritrea is efficacious and the projects conducted support Eritrea’s national development policy. Through the projects, the foundation for future cooperation has been laid between the two countries. The Higher Education Institutional Cooperation is coming to an end this summer.

ELFA, one of the six projects, has already secured funding for 2018 – 2020 from the Finnish HEI ICI funding instrument. Finnish Church Aid (FCA) will continue to focus on assisting to improve quality education through teaching, training, curriculum development, and school management in Eritrea, particularly with the Asmara School for Deaf children.