Ethiopia: AfDB Reaffirm Support for Energy Sector

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The East African Constituency Board Director of AfDB, Nyamajeje Calleb Weggoro declared AfDB’s intention to support Ethiopia’s energy sector during his visit to South Ethiopia.

He said that the bank is impressed with the nation’s performance of various ongoing projects in the energy sector and it is very positive of the completions in due time.

“So, the bank satisfied with this project. We think we will prepare to consider further request in Ethiopia’s energy sector, he said”

Nyamajeje Calleb also claimed that the bank is majorly interested in the energy sector so they do their best to support it.

“We promote and support many projects in the sector”.

“If you have stable, well-functioning national grid you will be able to connect with your neighboring countries. Therefore it helps to open up to the countries to enhance trans-boundary power network connection in a similar way to road networks,” he said.

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