According to French Ambassador to Ethiopia, Remi Marechaux, Prominent French organizations indicate enthusiasm to put resources into Ethiopia in the region of energy, logistics, and telecom sector.

In an exclusive meeting with ENA, Ambassador Remi Marechaux said the number of French investors working in Ethiopia has now arrived at 55, double the number around five years back.

The companies are mainly engaged in energy, including geothermal and hydro business development as well as which is essential to encourage import substitution, the ambassador said

French companies are also very keen to invest in the logistics, energy, transport, and telecom sectors in Ethiopia, he stated.

The Embassy attempts to draw more investors to Ethiopia through different systems, and the ambassador called attention to.

He also included that few occasions will be organized, including an event called ‘Mission-Africa,’ which will occur in France in November.

A visit by the most prominent French investor union to Ethiopia, which is planned for January one year from now, is likewise essential for this initiative, ambassador Remi Marechaux said.

Likewise, the ambassador expressed his expectation that more French organizations would come to Ethiopia as the potential for interest in the nation is enormous.

Regarding the bilateral relations, Remi called attention to the fact that since the visit of President Emmanuel Macron a year ago, the two nations have been enjoying a relation out of a reliable connection joined by the trade of visits.

Noting French’s insight to keep attempting to reinforce the long-standing ties between the two countries being developed and social participation and other things, the ambassador communicated his government’s readiness to assume a significant function in the on-going change Ethiopia.

When Emmanuel Macron visited Ethiopia, he had several meetings with Prime Minister Abiy and jointly decided on the priorities that French could engage to support Ethiopia,” he stated.

One of the priorities in such a manner as per the ambassador is to offer development support through the French Development Agency that deals with a pore 500 million euro venture. portfolio

As indicated by him, new tasks for 2021 will likewise be grown soon to help little and medium endeavour with a 70 million euro concessional advance.

Then again, France makes some long memories of social participation with Ethiopia and expects to proceed with this in the coming a very long time to work in patrimony, culture, and legacies, Ambassador Remi said.

“Around the world, France is the main objective of a vacationer and it’s not a direct result of the untamed life and seashore, it is a direct result of its saved social legacy and patrimony, and Ethiopia in this field has significant resources, and France will be satisfied to help out Ethiopia through the trade of ability.”