Yosr Toumi Ep Gharbi works as a consultant for Famex 2, an export promotion agency at Maison D'Exportateur in Tunis. (Photo: Arne Hoel)

There is need to encourage more women in the investment sector of the Ethiopian economy according to the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs (MOWCA). The minister of Women and Children Affairs, Yealem Tsegaye, while addressing the press pointed out that the regular involvement of women in the investment sector will enhance productivity in the country.

The minister also pointed out that several model women investors are coming into the scene from different parts of the country. She however stated that there is still a big lacuna between the number of those involved and those who are not. Fifty-one percent of the population are women but the number of women investors in comparison with the total population size is insignificant. In essence, women are not in positions they should be to effect positive change in the country.

Furthermore, Yealem Tsegaye pointed out that the government is working painstakingly in supporting, initiating and strengthening women entrepreneurs. According to her, positive achievements are being recorded in this regard both in urban and rural areas. “Women have showed their competitiveness in several economic sectors: trade, industry and small and medium enterprises. Owing to their contribution in the above mentioned sectors, there will not be any hindrance in their showing it in the investment sector”.

In the statement of the minister “the Ministry in collaboration with other stakeholders will transform the lifestyle of women. When the lifestyle of women changes, the nation will also be changed and value will be added to the growing economy of the nation.” There are lots of developments in the sector, but, it needs to be sustainable and inclusive. In addition to supporting the national economy the Minster is working hard to produce competent women investors that have what it takes to overcome economic challenges.