Expressions of Love and Happiness through Edible Bouquets in Mozambique

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Flowers have been the universal messengers of love since the dawn of time. Even in this modern era, the majority of people still use them to express their deepest thoughts or feelings for the one person they genuinely love.

Indeed, flowers serve as a powerful expression of love, whether it is the beginning of a new romance or whether you want to rekindle an old flame, a bouquet never fails to wow.

Without a shadow of a doubt, we can all agree that saying “I Love You” with flowers leaves a lasting impression that is deep enough to make the recipient get lost in the magic of love.

As this is the case, the Mozambican Republic has taken it a notch higher. For love, joy, luck, calm, to console, and celebrate, Mozambicans have been using edible bouquets for the past seven years, made from fresh fruits and homemade chocolates to convey their feelings to their loved ones.

This concept simply started, when Kátia Agy, known as a singer and TV presenter turned entrepreneur, decided to make edible bouquets to encourage her eldest daughter to eat fruits.

“My business started unusually. I made an edible bouquet to encourage my eldest daughter to eat fruit. But before she touched it, I took a photo and shared it with a friend! She decided to share it on Facebook and the comments were: “Who does it? I want one for myself. How much is it? I am asking for the contact of the person who did this beautiful thing.”! My friend informed me, and I authorized the sharing of the contact, and that same day I received the first request.” She said during an interview with an online publication.

It is here that she decided to pace herself, reflect upon the mission at hand and take up the task that lay ahead of her. For this reason, Food Lounge Mz was born and now it has its sights on growth and becoming the largest chocolate maker in Mozambique.

What inspired her she says, was the desire to become independent, to be able to work from home, to be close to her daughters. But above all was the love she had for making, creating, and decorating food, especially for being able to transform a plate of fruit or simple chocolate into something interesting, and that will grab the attention of those who are going to eat it.

“I turned a passion into a business” she adds.

She works with three young people – one woman and two men whom she recalls as having embraced Food Lounge Mz three years ago and have been her battle companions. One of the men makes the deliveries and is almost always anxious to work because it is he who records the reactions of the customers. “We are a family, and I am grateful to have such a committed and firm team at work!”

There are indeed several things that she says give her satisfaction as an entrepreneur. First Firstly, being able to control her time. Secondly, being able to imagine something and create it. Thirdly, being able to help her clients to find the best gift for their loved ones. Fourthly, the satisfaction of receiving clients recommended by others. Finally, seeing her network grow cohesively and steadily.

“The Food Lounge Mz is my youngest son and to have conceived, born, raised, and watched him grow every day, has no explanation. I love my Food Lounge Mz and everyone who has decided to embrace it.”…. She narrated it vividly.

She plans to grow her business and make it a great reference point in her country and abroad. She is aware and knows that great challenges await her, but the goal is to make Food Lounge Mz the largest chocolate centre in Mozambique.

Here is her advice to women who wish to, or are already starting a business.

“Do not stop! Do what you have to do, trembling, afraid, but don’t give up. Cultivate your dreams with the same claw that is characteristic of women in all other aspects of life! Do not listen to those who consider your business without wings to fly, because even the eagle had several falls before it managed to fly high. Remember to pray, believe, work with discipline, stay focused and make it happen. It is in your hands.”

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