Ghana: Market Women Laments over The Deteriorating State Of Market

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Market women in Madina, are complaining bitterly about the deplorable state of the market.

Madina is an outlying district of Accra with a population of 137,162 people. The place is in a shamble and is affecting the sales of products in the market.

Following the confession of one of the market women, she said that the situation of the market deteriorate the more especially the period that it rained.

Ms. Tornyi, who sells tilapia at the Madina market, spoke on behalf of the market women, stating that there is a need for the government to renovate the market as large portions do not function effectively. She directed her plea to the Member of Parliament (MP) for Abokobi-Madina Constituency, Alhaji Bonniface Abubakar Saddique.

Madina market is a big market where a variety of goods and service take place but the shameful state of the market keeps customers from coming to the market especially days when it rain.

According to Ms. Tornyi, she said, “Whenever it rains, consumers normally don’t come to the market to buy foodstuffs and any other items they may need; thereby making the trading very slow.”

Also, all roads that lead to the market are in bad conditions and whenever it rains, vehicles are unable to use the routes to the adjoining main Madina lorry station. “This is very worrying,” complained madam Tornyi.

 “The downpour has virtually washed away the sand, rendering the market very muddy again. What we need is for the government to come to our aid,” Ms. Tornyi she said.

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