Ghana President Call on African Leaders’ to Support the Youths

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The president of Ghana, president Nana Akufo-Addo has called African leaders to invest in the lives of youths across Africa through vocational training.

He explained that yearly a large number of African youths risk their lives trying to cross the Mediterranean in search of greener pasture.

These he said during the G-20 Partnership for Africa Summit which took place in Berlin, Germany, with the theme: “Investing in a Common Future.”

Also during the summit, German Chancellor Angela Merkel played host to African leaders. Discussions on the means for sustainable private sector investment and economic participation in African countries were part of the activities during the summit.

Ghana was chosen as one of the African countries amongst three to benefit from Germany’s “Compact with Africa” program.

President Nana said “If we provide them with the right environment in Africa, which enables them to enhance their skills, receive appropriate vocational training and have access to digital technology, they will make our continent great,”

“Let this serve as the impetus for reshaping our countries and charting a new path of growth and development in freedom, which will lift the long-suffering African masses out of poverty into the realms of prosperity and dignity,” he said.


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