Ghanaian Mobile Barber Shaves Off Waiting Time

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Shave Masters is a male grooming company which saves clients’ in Accra valuable waiting time by taking services to their doorsteps. Taking the stress out of a trip to the barbers. Shave Masters is a mobile hairstylist company which brings its male grooming services to clients’ doorsteps, anywhere in Ghana’s capital.

It was started two years ago by Emmanuel Kojo Ankomah, who says he spotted the opportunity after having to wait a long time at a barbershop to get his own hair cut. The mobile barbershop is proving popular with young men around Accra.

“I chose Shave Masters because time is of the essence. I’m a very busy person with a very, very tight work schedule and I do not like to spend several hours in the barbering saloon waiting for my turn.”

“I do this every Saturday and the reason why I switched to them was that initially it was lots of stress waking up on Saturday mornings tired and then finding my way to one of the barbering saloons around, and then staying in queue for almost an hour or two sometimes just to have my hair done. And then I discovered that oh there is somebody who delivers this service and delivered it exceptionally well. I tried them out and I haven’t been disappointed since.”

A basic haircut costs around 6 U.S. dollars. Ankomah says he’s picked up most clients through word of mouth or marketing on social media. He currently employs three barbers and a marketing officer, but has plans to grow the business even further beyond Ghana to other African countries.


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