Ghana’s Largest Private University Goes Solar

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A 401 kWp solar system for Central University in Ghana has been inaugurated, marking an important milestone in Ghana’s transition to clean energy. The system was implemented by solar financier ecoligo in collaboration with local installer Yingli Namene West Africa, who is responsible for procurement, installation and maintenance. Both companies have been established in Ghana since 2017. The project was enabled by ecoligo’s fully financed solar-as-a-service model, which removes the financial and technical barriers for businesses to use solar energy. Over 80 guests attended the inauguration, including representatives from the Energy Commission and Ministry of Energy from Ghana. The event included a tour of the system by Ghanaian engineer Frank Atta Poku from Yingli Namene, who was supported in the installation by further local engineers.

“Yingli Namene has a strong focus on employing and training local talent in Ghana.” said Managing Director Firmin Nkaleum Ngassam. “We train our engineers to work at the highest standards, ensuring an effective and long-lasting solar system. This paves the way for a stronger solar sector.” Renewable energy is a key area of growth in global job creation. This is a central topic for Ghana, where growing use of solar energy could decrease high unemployment rates. “Solar projects have a twofold impact on job creation, both enabling businesses to grow and employ more people and ensuring more local jobs in the solar industry with each new project implemented.” said ecoligo’s Senior Marketing Manager, Emma Patmore.

Ghana has a wealth of sunshine, but energy costs are high, restricting businesses and creating a knock-on impact on economic growth. Businesses can harness the sun to save money with solar, but suitable financing options are not available. This is the 5th project implemented jointly by Yingli Namene and ecoligo. Projects include the NGO Marie Stopes and three branches of Stanbic Bank Ghana in Accra and Tema.

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