Infrastructure Africa to Launch DealRoom Platform

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Infrastructure Africa 2018 to foster funding and investment opportunities for attending developers and project owners

The Infrastructure Africa Business Forum 2018 has announced the launch of DealRoom, its new business matchmaking and networking platform. This initiative aims to assist participants and esteemed members of the infrastructure community in fostering valuable stakeholder liaisons with financiers and business partners, who are actively in search of projects to invest in. Furthermore, various countries around Africa will engage in Project Presentations, demonstrating the latest opportunities presented by the field of project development.

The annual conference brings together 500 infrastructure business leaders and investors that are planning to unlock the future of African infrastructure development. By making use of the DealRoom platform, participants can reap the maximum benefits of attending the conference and effectively manage their time through the availability of tools such as reserving meetings with relevant stakeholders from the infrastructure community along with customising their on-site agenda.  

“Supporting the DealRoom will be Strategic Advisors engaged by the Business Forum to ensure the opportunity to do business is foremost on the agenda.  In addition, hosting the Project Owners from various African Countries who are pitching projects brings added scope and potential for business to be concluded at Infrastructure Africa.  Our aim is that our participants come to learn, network and do business,” commented Liz Hart, Managing Director.

 The Infrastructure Africa Business Forum is expected to render a long lasting and positive impact on the infrastructure community by enabling attendees to identify significant participants, speakers, financiers, influencers and leaders, thereby giving them the means to not only survive, but prosper in this highly competitive sector.

The event has evolved annually and has demonstrated invaluable initiatives in fostering significant business relationships and exploring challenges and opportunities to promote innovation in infrastructure operations, which has made it South Africa’s leading infrastructure event. Attending this conference is a unique opportunity, providing anyone vested in the infrastructure sector with the understanding, knowledge sharing as well as insight into the latest industry trends. All this intends to encourage participants to establish advanced solutions and business models to kick-start and grow competitive and sustainable projects and businesses, ultimately contributing to the growth of the economy within which they operate.

More information about the 2018 Infrastructure Africa Business Forum

The 7th Infrastructure Africa Business Forum on the 9th and 10th October 2018 at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, will bring together prominent African infrastructure experts, government officials and business leaders to accelerate the business of infrastructure development. 

The 2-day conference and showcase exhibition provides an opportunity for companies to focus on the continent’s growth hotspots, discuss infrastructure trends, meet project developers and relevant government authorities, whilst exploring infrastructure business opportunities.

The event has the highest level of African and South African endorsement for an infrastructure event on the continent, and provides the business platform for private and public sector players seeking to meet the sector’s national and regional who’s who.

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