Now more than ever before, Africa needs to push the frontiers of diversifying her economy from over dependence on single commodities to embracing the full bouquet of trade and industry offerings globally in order to stay afloat, provide jobs for her teeming population and achieve the sustainable development goals. With the fall in the price of crude oil in particular and globalisation disrupting competitive advantages of nations, Africa must step up strategic trade engagements with international investors and nations that offer unique advantages as trade partners.

A cross-section of market participants including policymakers, entrepreneurs, investors and funders agree that development of Agriculture and Solid Minerals have immense potentials to support the quest for economic diversification, create jobs, generate returns, increase government revenue and spur forward linkages in several industrial sectors of the economy. The extensive use of labour across the solid minerals’ value chain, from exploration to production, processing and end-use – including export – also shows immense economic opportunities. Regrettably, Nations and Investors, however, are still unable to take full advantage of these numerous opportunities.

Highlights of the event shall include; plenary sessions, business to business meetings, strategic one-on-one meeting, panel discussions, breakout sessions, exhibitions and unparalleled networking opportunity.

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