As the World marks one of the most  important days in its calendar today, March 8, 2018 across all countries is celebrated as The Annual International Women’s Day is held in honour  of women around the world.

This year’s celebration is tagged “Press for Progress”, and credits has been given to women’s  organizations and activists who have been up and doing towards advancing  women’s right to health, gender quality and women’s empowerment in any part of  the world.

Salutations also goes to the past  heroines and activists who fought for the advancement and promotion of women’s  rights to all of lives’ benefits.

Speaking about past heroines of  the struggles of gender equality, the current President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa  has urged all South Africans to dedicate the 2018 International Women’s Day celebration  to the memory of Albertina Nontsikelelo Sisulu, whose centenary is being  celebrated this year.

Albertina Nontsikelelo Sisulu, one  of South Africa’s heroines who fought for the national liberation of the  country and for gender emancipation.

In line with the theme for the year’s celebration “Press for Progress”, more  push for the increase of rights of women in all parts of the world flags have been raised high in commendation to the achievements and changes recorded  recently as regards gender equality.

Although the various pressing  issues affecting the peace and progress of women and girls in the world are yet  to be eradicated, but as the UNAIDS have revealed in a press statement concerning  the celebration, change has come and more achievements are in view.

“But change is happening. This  year, International Women’s Day is being celebrated at a time when there is a  much-needed spotlight on issues of sexual harassment across multiple sectors,  including the private sector, governments, international organizations and  civil society. Movements such as #MeToo are challenging the behaviours and  beliefs that perpetuate gender inequality, gender-based violence and sexual  harassment. UNAIDS reaffirms its commitment to zero tolerance for sexual  harassment. UNAIDS holds itself accountable to the same standards of ethics,  equity and respect that it promotes and demands of others.”

“More and more voices are joining  to challenge the sociocultural, economic and political inequalities that make  women and girls more vulnerable to HIV. These changes are good for women and  girls. We know that through enabling women and girls to fulfil their rights to  health, to education and to self-determination, transformation becomes  possible. HIV infections decline. Health improves. Education increases. Women  and girls thrive,” as stated in the press release.

These progress will benefit every  individual, group and nation.

“Change is happening, and the  change is good.”