Invest In Africa Summit 2021 & African Business Leadership Award (ABLA)

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Theme: Africa 4.0: Redefining Growth, Sustainability & Innovation 
WHEN: 16 – 17 September 2021
WHERE: Virtual
TIME: 03:00PM – 5PM (GMT) Daily

Event Brief:

Africa is home to some of the fastest-growing economies in the world, and despite the much-hyped stereotypes of a continent forever plagued by disease, war, and turmoil, it is rapidly becoming the most desirable investment destination in the world today. Indeed, the business landscape has been rapidly changing, due to increased regional mobility, rapid urbanization, and population growth, all of which have boosted demand for African-manufactured products and services.

Prior to the outbreak and spread of the coronavirus pandemic, the world’s five fastest-growing economies were all in Africa, with a population growth that could well position the continent as the most populous continent on the planet. Though the African economy is badly hit by the pandemic as it fell by 2.1% in 2020, the World Bank’s 2021 GDP forecast for sub-Saharan Africa is 2.7% growth. Therefore, one of the apparent pathways to economic transformation and sustainability in Africa is for policymakers to intentionally grapple with the exciting opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in Africa which has been upending the nature of work, globally.

By 2030, Africa’s potential workforce will be among the world’s largest, and with the needed infrastructure and skills for innovation and technology use, the 4IR will spur massive opportunities for growth. In recent years, the ICT sector in Africa has continued to grow, a trend that is likely to continue as available data shows that mobile technologies and services have generated 1.7 million formal and informal direct jobs, as well as contributed to $144 billion of economic value (8.5 percent of the GDP of sub-Saharan Africa), and $15.6 billion to the public sector through taxation. Advancing technology has also resolved information asymmetry problems in the financial system and labour market, thus increasing efficiency, certainty, and security in an environment where information flow is critical for economic growth and job creation. In the same vein, the Industrial Revolution 4.0 will narrow the traditional engender the digitization of the manufacturing sector driven by computing power and connectivity, with tremendous opportunities for African manufacturers and small and medium enterprises to create new business models and integrate into global value chains.

However, going beyond the existing models requires discipline in governance to allow an endogenous innovative environment as institutions must protect the market through consumer protection laws and regulations that encourage competition. The African Leadership Magazine is therefore putting together the 5th edition of The Invest in Africa Summit-2021 to bring together Policymakers, private sector leaders, Industry Titans civil society Leaders, and all stakeholders in Europe, the US, and Africa matters during this 2-day forum to contribute to shaping a new future for our common good.

The summit will also offer a platform for Africa to showcase the key investment opportunities in Africa. The African Business Leadership Awards, a highlight of the Invest in Africa Summit, is in keeping with our tradition of presenting the sides of the continent’s businesses and investments, which hardly finds placement on the global stage, and celebrating exemplary business leaders and individuals who have contributed to the economic development of the African continent.


The forum will engage all the relevant Policymakers, heads of governments, representatives of leading institutions, regulatory bodies, development consultants, Venture capitalists and finance houses, investors and stakeholders in Agriculture, Trade & Investment, Infrastructure Development, Maritime, and Finance within Africa and beyond; in engaging conversations towards economic growth and export promotion in Africa.

ALM Events

Over the years, the African Leadership Magazine platform has served as a vehicle that showcases organizations and individuals who are dedicated to achieving excellence and fostering development in Africa.  The magazine has at its annual events, hosted and honoured several business leaders, heads of states and presidents, policymakers, and stakeholders in Africa’s development, past and present, who are fostering Socio-Economic development and placing Africa on a global stage.

Target Audience

  • African Policymakers, Business leaders, & Entrepreneurs
  • Key Stakeholders and potential investors in Africa
  • Think-tanks, International Development Institutions, and academics
  • All lovers of Africa progress.


  • Keynotes and Presentations
  • Policymakers & Influencers Roundtable
  • Europe, US, and Africa CEOs Roundtable
  • Investing in Africa’s Youths and SMEs Session
  • Investment opportunities showcase from states, regional and national governments
  • The 11th African Business Leadership Awards (ABLA) 2021.
  • Top 30 Europe/US/Asia businesses Impacting Africa
  • Top 30 Africa Industry Leaders 2021
  • Unveiling of African Leadership Magazine June-July 2021 special edition

Key Objectives of the Summit

  • The summit will bring together speakers, including leading Europe, US and Africa investors, and Europe, US, and Africa business leaders to provide detailed insight into the “Two-Way” investment opportunities in US/Africa and the positive economic transformation that many parts of Africa are experiencing.
  • The event will showcase the most attractive Africa investment opportunities from African countries, representing all sub-regions in the continent, as well as country sessions and sector-focused presentations that will allow a deep dive into a wide range of African investment opportunities in Africa most exciting economies.
  • This summit offers you an unparalleled opportunity to discover develop and nurture a robust network of the highest quality Europe, US, and Africa business leaders, including multiple networking opportunities to meet the top Africa investors, African business leaders, best Africa investments, and dealmakers.
  • The summit is designed to provide delegates with multiple opportunities to access the best Europe, US, and Africa investment opportunities through networking sessions during the event.
  • Recognize and profile some of the continent’s best investors, CEOs, and business leaders that are making the news.
  • Greater brand name recognition in Africa, Europe, and the U.S via our high–end events platform and publication, accessed by the top 3% of leadership in Africa and beyond.
  • Media exposure for your company including profiling in the magazine; Positioning of your company as a market leader in the eyes of your peers and the media
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