Eritrea’s Adi-Keih College of Business and Social Science has awarded Degrees and Diplomas to 792 recent graduates of its programs, with females constituting 46% of the population.

Addressing the audience at the ceremony, the Dean of the College of Business and Social Science, Dr. Estifanos Hailemariam, noted that the college is focused on conducting capacity level contribution to the country’s efforts at nation-building by producing competent and well-educated students.
Dr. Hailemariam explained that the College has engaged in sending its members of staff to study abroad in various countries for their Masters and Doctoral programs in a bid to empower its human resources, with their number placed at 12 and 10 for each program respectively.
With an eye towards the future, Dr. Hailemariam noted that 8 more instructors will be sent for a doctoral program shortly while 9 others for Master’s Degree.

In its 14th Commencement held in virtual format, the College conferred 1st Degrees to 295 and Diplomas to 497 graduates in different fields which include Economics, Business Management, Accounting, Finance, Law, Political Science and International Relations, the Humanities, Journalism, and other disciplines. The list of recent graduates join a number that surpass 10,000 students to have been graduated by the College of Business and Social Science since 2008