Image: npr

In a recent development, Italy is looking at the possibility of issuing temporary visas to the immigrants present in the country. This will enable the immigrants travel around the whole of Europe.

This action was deemed necessary as it will serve as a way of encouraging neighbouring countries to help manage the immigration crisis.

The Deputy Foreign Minister Mario Giro when asked whether the immigrants will be given temporary said that the government was looking at all possibilities.

With the huge number of people crossing the Mediterranean from North Africa increasing, Italy complains that its European partners are not sharing the load.

EU laws allows immigrants to stay in the first country they arrive in, therefore it is impossible for Italy to avoid unilateral gestures hence the need to put into consideration the issuing of temporary visas to these migrants.

“We don’t accept being turned into a European hotspot, or feeling guilty because we rescue people, so deciding what to do with the migrants who arrive is everyone’s responsibility. We are in a tug of war,” Giro said.