A South African-based Malawian, Sally Kumwenda, who graduated from Wits University and is currently studying for her doctorate degree in communication at the institution in the rainbow nation has formally launched her political party in Malawi named Leadership with Compassion (LCP).

Launching the party at the Korea Garden lodge in Lilongwe with gold and green colours, Kumwenda said Malawi politics is “deceiving” and she wants to bring “fresh ideas” hoping to be elected the second female Head of State after Joyce Banda.

“My party is interested in young and fresh people. We need new ideas of leading the people of Malawi. We have been waiting for a long time to have a Malawi which is everyone’s dream but instead of seeing positivity we see more failures. Which is really frustrating,” said Kumwenda.

She said LCP stands to change Malawi for the better but in an exceptional way “few have braved to tread on” Kumwenda said she subscribes to transformative leadership, saying as a God-fearing nation, she is saddened that Malawians have “forgotten to love and respect God, who ironically, happens to be man’s only weapon towards a peaceful and prosperous nation.”

She said: “We are tired of being tormented by Satan, and this is why we are asking the entire nation to rally behind us in seeking forgiveness from God before we reclaim our prosperity and peace; to end the numerous forms of sufferings and misfortunes brought about by leaders disobeying God.”